A Family Perfume House

Based in Yardley, Pennsylvania Catherine and her husband Justin Frederico, create custom fine fragrances by hand. Catherine and Justin craft every aspect from the artisan fragrance to the bottle and box. With each other, they sustainably source their materials and work directly with distillers and farmers. Together, they ensure time and care is poured into all of their fragrances.

For the discerning perfume lover that wants to smell uniquely beautiful, Frederico Parfums creates an artisan experience that will make you feel alluring and confident in your own skin.

– Catherine Frederico

Catherine Frederico, founder

Catherine is a fragrance aficionado and has a long affair with fine fragrance. She has a clear vision bringing quality and innovation to her company, Frederico Parfums.
She works in the boardroom as well as salon to select the best fragrances for Frederico Parfums.
She obtained a B.S. in Business Administration and Mathematics and a Master’s Degree.

We create fragrance as art—showcasing ingredients as a rebirth of the senses. More than wearing perfume, you are wearing art that garners attention and sparks discussion